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Saturday, January 31, 2009


Waking up to the beautiful sun shining
through my window pane
I sit up and reflect on what has become of me.
All that I was,
All that I am,
All that I will become.
All my experiences contribute to where I am now.
Things happen for a reason.
I put my trust in the universe.
Today I choose to organize my life in the best way possible.
Today I choose to prioritize.
Today I choose to get rid of unnecessary baggage and keep the ones that really should matter.
Life can be unfair, but realize it was just a blessing in disguise.
Life finds a way of opening doors for me when others closes.
Life has a way of showing me that there is more to life than being what I always were.
What doesn't kill me only makes me stronger.
I need to feel free again.
Even though, my spirits isn't quite uplifted yet.
Today I choose to do the best I can.
That's all I can do.
Because I believe there is so much out there this beautiful world can offer me, a beautiful soulful life of love.
At this moment in time this is the best place I could ever be.
This is a spiritual beginning once again, inspired to make art day and night.
Surround myself with positive energy and spiritual beings.

"Look at all things with hope, because in the end, that is all you'll have to look forward to."

"There is no rise without a fall.

Everything that has happened to my life, good and bad, is always a step higher to something better. I went through a lot, and still going through a lot right now. But I have faith that it's all the experiences that changes me will make me into the best person I can be. I've learned that what I want is not what I always need at this time. No matter what situation I am in, no situation stays stagnant. We are always moving up and moving to bigger and better things spiritually. I wonder how I'll feel when I get to where I really want to be. Maybe by then, I won't even care that I'm there, but the journey, the lessons that I learned along the way will be more worth it. It'll be a significant turning point in my life. And I'll be happy in the end, knowing I survived and went through it.

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