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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

.......biggest nightmare

Arrived at the big island, Hilo at night w/ Go! airlines. Go! is the worst airline to ever book a flight with. Never again. Anyways, Ken arrives and picks us up. We then head over to his house, and I'm surprised about how dirty his place his. He didn't even have clean sheets for us to sleep on. He didn't welcome us well. He was nice but his hospitality was weird. He also had three children living with him. And his house was a tree house in the rain forest. That part was cool, but his place wasn't at all clean at all in any way.

We slept on a dirty futon w/ a hole in the middle of it w/ dirty sheets as well in an attic. There was spider webs, bugs, and mosquitos everywhere. I didn't sleep at all that night and was awaiting for the new day to arrive. We wanted to get out of that island as soon as we could. We went to a laundry place in Pahua. Then Ken, drives us back to the airport. We then booked a flight to Maui that same day with Island Air. Then we rented a tight-ass jeep w/ Alamo at the Maui airport and headed to a remote cabin lodge in the middle of nowhere in Hali'imaile Rd, called "Hali'imaile Peace of Maui," to stay the night. It was a great decision on our parts.

Wake up from a beautiful sleep then go grocery shopping at Kmart. Then after wards, we do a road trip around the west coast of Maui. We walk along the Wailea nature trail and chilled along the beaches. We also sighted some humpback whales. It was mating season and birthing season for the whales. So beautiful. It was so chill! Just what we needed after the nightmare in big island. Then we sleep in the jeep that night near the beach, across from "Haleakala Shores."

Almost missed my plane back to San Francisco. I was literally running and sweating getting to the gate. I was actually last one on the plane and made the plane delay lift off time. Anyways, a real good movie was playing, "The Duchess" (of Devonshire) w/ Keira Knightley playing the main character. I was so emotional. I cried so much like a wreck. The movie made me think. I really loved the characters of Charles Grey and Georgina. Charles Grey was deeply in love with Georgina. He cared about her well being most of all. He only wanted her to be with him and they live happily ever after. It was a beautiful and tragic story.

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