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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

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What Gift do I Bring?"
The gift we each bring is unique and unlike any other. It's a one-of a kind gift, which can never even in a million millennia be re-created. The challenge, however, can sometimes lie in figuring out how to get the gift opened! God was very creative in this endeavor because It wrapped this gift in an amazing package-your consciousness! It's true. The gift you have brought to share with your family of the earth lies in who you are. Who you are- or who you believe yourself to be- is the gift you bring. Can you feel the delight of this delicious truth? You are a gift to humankind and the planet, tightly wrapped and waiting to be opened.
Once we become conscious of the fact that we are on a mission to reveal this gift to the world, we might wonder where and how we begin to unwrap it. There is so much "stuff" to remove before we get to the gift itself! In many cases, I believe we already know what lies within the unwrapped gift of our being. We are just uncertain and fearful that if and when we do reveal it to the world, it may not be well received. Let's face it, there is nothing worse than giving a gift that isn't appreciated and welcomed, right? (That's one of the "bows of belief" we need to remove.) So, we spend a good amount of our life looking at the wrapping around the gift , and use the excuse that there's so much stuff wrapped around it that it would be easier to leave it unopened. Often, there is so much needless shame wrapped around the gift we are that we hold back on giving of our authentic self to anyone. Don't hold back on giving what you have come to share. The gift of you really is quite unique, and that is what makes it one-derful.

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gangstaleen said...

i'm able to walk naked around you.
things that i miss.

i'm comfortable when you are around. I feel familiarity. like you never left.
You make life fun, and funny. Interesting.
And,i like to annoy you. Follow you around. like a little sis does.