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Saturday, August 8, 2009

being taken serious

Sometimes I don't know why I have the worst communication skills. I want to be better at it. I know I have to totally trust and feel safe with the person. I don't know why I'm so unaffectionate, but i guess it's to a certain extent, because I can be affectionate when it's someone I'm really close to and feel comfortable with. I don't know why it's hard for me to open up to a guy. It's easy for me to talk to girls when it comes to emotions, but when I talk to a guy or any guy friend for that matter, I can totally shut down. I guess with patience, time, and the with the right person it'll happen.

There's certain persons I feel really comfortable with, and it makes me happy. Those I can be myself with and be totally open with. My heart is able to open up to right people. Before I was so afraid to be so closed up. But now it's opening up little by little as I learn to trust others.


Lady Bloom's Jewels said...
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Lady Bloom's Jewels said...

oh this is exactly how I am feeling this moment. It's like...yes, I need to feel the level of security to open myself to someone. And when I am able to feel that, the person truly has my heart in their hands and I know that to them it is a treasure and that they have the right intention. Men, I try to and there are some that I can do so with without them having to look at me as being "silly" but like you said, that can take me seriously.It's so hard when they open themselves to me but I cannot? I want to destruct this fortress! Do you think those we cannot open up to are people whom we are not supposed to open up to and that it is universe trying to direct our energy as needed...but yet I have a still heart on wanting to open...I just don't have time for major toxic doses of energies being taken away from me with hurtful exchanges and then to recleanse again. Come on auric boose!! puaha, ah goodness thank you for posting this. Aloha!