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Monday, June 15, 2009

Refresh my trip to GUATZ (Guatemala)

"Today I am devoted to the healing and learning opportunities available to me in all aspects of my life."

This trip has been a much needed trip for me. I've contemplated upon my life decisions a lot. Going back and forth with decisions based on my personal values. I've thought long and hard. And know now what I'm open for in life. I know I don't want anything less than I deserve.

I realized all the relationships in the past I've let go I was at the point of no return. When you reach the point of no return in a particular situation, it means you have given all you can give, taken all you can take, learned all you can learn, taught all you can teach, been all you can be. You realize there is no hope of things getting any better, and you have done all you kno how to turn things around. When you finally reach this point, please remember this is not a bad thing. It is simply time to move on. You will know you have come to the point of no return when your joy is gone. Your peace is at risk, you are searching for some meaning, you are looking for a reason. You are no longer mad. You can't even get angry. When you come face to face with the point of no return, remember the good times, appreciate the joyful times, be grateful for any support, encouragement or contentment you experienced. Pack all of those things in a corner of your heart and take them with you as you move forward. Acknowledge and accept that you may not be able to go back to what you had but that you have something to take with you on your new journey. Previously I may have resisted the need to move beyond the point of no return. I also was looking for reasons to stay in an experience that no longer suits my needs. But today, I've chosen to move forward.

There's so many things I want to accomplish within this year and upcoming years. A lot of changes has happened, a lot of new connections has been made, and a lot of growth has taken place within me. This Guatemala trip helped me get back my center, in balance. I realized for the last couple of months I was unbalanced at times. Maybe, because I haven't spent a lot of time doing what I wanted to get done. I want to start being productive again. I am determined. I've realized in the past months that I've been unproductive in my passions. Although, I can get distracted so easily. That's something I'm working on, discipline within my course of work. I can't procrastinate on anything because in the end, it's my life. As for now, I gotta get my shit together. All I need to do is have a balance between fun and priorities.

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