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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Zine update and new side projects at hand!!!

My friend and I started a new project together called "Illustration Karma Collective".

Illustration Karma Collective was created to exercise our minds and hands by participating in a weekly illustration challenge. Every sunday we post a new theme. Please feel free to submit your artwork relating to the topic. Go to

Also join our twitter for updates with Illustration Karma Collective....!/illustrationkrm

....oh yeah, zine update....still finalizing more sketches for it....i was hoping to get it done by this year.....but now i've come up with another zine it's taking me awhile to get finished....but in due time, it will be done soon!

sneak peak:

Also been playing music with the ladies, gonna start sketching for our band stickers....whoo hoo!
I'll post em' as soon as I got a good amount of sketches to choose from....

So much things are looking ahead, more freelance art gigs happening, more awesome opportunities.

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